A site. No plan. No canal. Mediocritee.


You’ve arrived at a useless site.

A site that merely proposes a site to exist. Worse, there’s a community of fans here discussing nuances for this future site. You know how these things go on the internet. If you can see this shitstorm coming, create an account and walk away. We’ll mark you down in the “notify me if this thing actually launches” category.

This same account works at Meh.com and other Mediocre.com sites so you won’t have entirely wasted your time if nothing springs up here.

If you’re still here…

There’s some background to cover and some leeway to promote such that there’s a bit less chaos. First, here’s a blurb pulled from our Mediocre newsletter:

Catshirts? OMG! If you dove in and read about our Checkout.org initiative, you might think we’re giving up on retail ourselves. Not so! Especially if it’s retail done right, by a manufacturer with unique goods to sell. How do we do that? Join in and help right from the start as we design and build a small print shop in our new HQ facility and follow that with a brand new boutique graphic tee shirt site concept. Where do fans of Meh and Mediocre go to do this? At Mediocritee.com of course.

If that’s all you need to know and you don’t yet have an account, you can sign up here:

Questions and answers

We’ll respond in this thread to general questions. If you’re familiar with our forums, feel free to create other topics as you wish.

Q: Is Mediocre the follow up company from that Woot founder guy and many of his original team who left after the Amazon acquisition and then launched Meh.com and some other ecommerce crap I don’t follow that much?
A: Yes

Q: Will there be shirts for sale here?
A: Someday, yes.

Q: Why launch these forums without a firm plan?
A: When we launched Shirt.Woot 10 years ago, with our friends Joel Lewis and Zeke Williams, we planned out a shirt model that fit our existing business model at Woot. We tweaked some variables but we had a firm pattern to follow. While we do have Meh.com running similar to how Woot was run in 2007, we don’t plan to follow the “dot-woot” expansion path. We therefore have more freedom to explore how to create sites that satisfy our community, the artist community and our sustainability needs. But with this freedom to experiment comes risk. Launching a community to discuss our plans reduces that risk and may prove rewarding for those of you not scared off by the warning above.

Q: Are there plans already brainstormed on by the Mediocre Brain Trust?
A: Sorry, we just wanted to use that term, but yes. We do have plans that we enjoyed crafting over a year ago and we’ll lay them out for your commentary on in the coming weeks.

Q: I have ideas but the value of my ideas is too great to throw them out and have them used for free. How should I proceed to be compensated for my idea.
A: Don’t participate here. Sit on your idea or launch your own site. There are definitely good ideas and even great ideas but they don’t live in a vacuum and we won’t assign monetary value to any of them. In fact, plans made public here can be used by anyone. We’ll collectively take them and tear them down and reassemble them with our existing ideas and other people’s ideas. Maybe other companies will watch and do the same. You’ll be lucky to get a free t-shirt for participating.

Q: What’s the scope of this plan. Are you going to disrupt the graphic tee industry and be a powerhouse like shirt.woot in 2008?
A: Probably not. The scope of this plan is probably best characterized by a self-imposed constraint on our operational capacity: One press. One senior press operator. One facility. A simple flow of freshly designed shirts. We want to have a high bar on enjoyment and let demand speak very loudly before we listen to its call. If it doesn’t, we’ll be happy making shirts for ourselves to wear.