Frequently Asked Questions

So what’s with the Mediocritee name?

Besides the stupid pun, the idea is that the actual shirts are just the medium for the art - the design and the artist should get the focus. But really, it’s mostly about the stupid pun.

How are the shirts printed?

Screen printing! We love the bright and solid colors you get with old school screen printing. Hand mixing exactly the right colors, developing actual physical screens, and a giant robotic machine that could likely kill us all. What’s not to love?

What’s with the two designs?

Each week one artist features two of their designs on Mediocritee. Often they’ll be related art, design variants, or connected ideas. Sometimes they might just be different shirt colors. We’re trying all sorts of things.

How many can I buy?

Right now we’re limiting the purchase quantity to 8 shirts per event. If you want more, convince a friend to sign up and have them buy some.

How about shipping?

Shipping is $6 an order (meaning if you get one shirt or four shirts, you pay $6) unless you’re a member. For members, shipping is free (here, as well as at our other stores like Meh, Casemates, MorningSave, and SideDeal.

How much are the designs?

On the Mediocritee main page, you’ll see buy buttons that show the cost. We add a buck or two for the larger sizes (since the blanks cost us more). The second shirt you get is half-off, to trick you into buying two shirts when you really only wanted one. Er, did we say that out loud? A third shirt will be the full price, and then a fourth one would be half price, again. BOGOHO (Buy One, Get One Half-Off) was the best acronym we could come up with, but we doubt that’s going to take the world by storm.

Sometimes we might sell other things like hoodies, tote bags, mouse pads, fanny packs, what-have-you. The pricing on those will vary, but it’ll use the same formula: the more expensive thing will be the full price, and the next most expensive thing will be half its price.

Why do the larger sizes cost more? Why don’t you have even larger/smaller/kids' sizes?

Until we start making our own shirts, we’re working with wholesalers. They charge more (and sometimes a lot more) for larger sizes, so we need to pass that on.

We’re currently offering pretty much all the adult sizes our current shirts have. We’re sometimes limited if their inventory is limited, so it may vary per design and color. The more we sell, the easier it is to start bulking up our own inventory, adding more sizes and variety, so your best bet is probably to just buy everything we sell. Or at least that’s our best bet.

What kind of shirts are you using?

We’re not locked into any specific shirt but right now we’re using Next Level shirts. You can find the sizing over here. They’re 100% combed ring-spun cotton (heather gray are 90/10 Cotton/Polyester), with side seams for a tailored fit. We recommend washing on cold, inside out, and drying on a low heat (or hang to dry). Like all cotton shirts, they’ll shrink a little, or a lot if you ignore us and wash them in hot water or dry them in high heat.

In general the sizes run a little smaller than ‘mainstream’ tees and about the same as American Apparel or other, uh, fashion shirt sizes, so if you’re unsure, go up a size (or two for women’s sizes).

When will I get the shirts I ordered?

We start printing after the event ends, and will generally ship things out within a couple days. You’ll likely get the shirt within a week or two from that. There’s an estimated delivery date at the top of our forum topics for each shirt as well as in your orders page.

Can I pay for expedited shipping?

Not right now. We’re trying to keep this simple, so we’ve just got the one shipping option.

Can I buy a shirt from a previous week?

Right now, nope. We’ve currently got no back catalog, and we’ve got no plans to build one. Once the week is gone, there’s a good chance that design won’t be back. Buy extras if you really like it.

Where do the designs come from?

Amazing artists! Over the years made friends with quite a few artists from around the web. We’d love to make friends with more. Write us if you have designs, and we can share all the artist details.

What is Mediocritee?

Screen-printed art by indie artists, launching twice a week

Every Monday & Thursday at 11am ET, we spotlight an indie artist & two of their amazing designs. Pro-tip: get both & save!


Do I need to sign up for an account?

If you want a place an order you need to sign up for an account.

It’s quick and easy. You only need to give us a username, password, and an email address.

Once you sign up you’ll never miss our good deals. We’ll send you email to let you know when new deals launch, to share promotions and coupons, or periodically update you with a newsletter. You can manage your email settings from the Email Subscriptions page.

Can I sign in with Facebook?

Yes, if you’d rather sign in with Facebook instead of creating another username and password you can click the blue “Sign in with Facebook” button on the sign in page.

Note: signing in with Facebook does not connect us to your Facebook page.

I forgot my password, how can I sign in?

Give us your email address or username on the forgot password page and we’ll send you an email with instructions for resetting your password.

If you signed up via Facebook, you can use the blue “Sign in with Facebook” button on the sign in page instead of entering your password.

How can I change my username, password, or email address?

You can change your username, password, or email address from the Your Info page.

How can I change my default payment settings?

Your default payment settings (shipping address, credit card, and billing address) are shown on your Account page.

You can change your default payment settings (shipping address, credit card, and billing address) from the Payment Settings page.


What is Membership?

Our $5.99/month membership program gives you benefits at multiple sites including free shipping at,,,, and

You can learn more over at the Membership page or read the fine print on the Membership Agreement page.

How do I join your membership program?

There’s two ways to join our membership program.

  1. Go to the Membership page and click the Become a Member button.
  2. While placing an order, select the shipping option that says “$5.99/month: Free standard shipping on all orders. One-click cancel, anytime.”

How can I change which credit card is being charged for the membership program?

We’ll charge the credit card that’s setup as the default payment setting and shown on your Account page.

You can change your default payment settings (shipping address, credit card, and billing address) from the Payment Settings page.

How can I view my previous membership payments?

You can view all your previous membership payments from the Membership Payments page.

How do I cancel from your membership program?

We’ve made it easy to cancel from our membership program anytime without the need to call someone on the phone or contact our Customer Support team.

Simply go to the Cancel Membership page and find the “Cancel Membership” button. Optionally, give us a reason why you’re cancelling. We’re always looking for ways to make our membership program better.

What is VMP?

VMP was the name of a previous membership program we offered. Current VMP members can continue their benefits - as long as they maintain membership. Since we’re closed to new VMP memberships, any cancelations are final, and there is no way to rejoin.


What's my order number?

We do this a little different.

Instead of an actual number, we generate three random words in adjective-adjective-noun format. Your order number is these three random words. You’ll find it on your orders page.

We find the three random word approach to be easier to remember, easier to communicate with our Customer Support team if you have an issue, and our customers over at really enjoy it. Here’s an old forum topic discussing our approach.

How do I cancel my order?

You can cancel an order yourself for up to one hour after it was placed. Simply visit your orders page and click the “Cancel” link.

We start processing and shipping your order one hour after it was placed. If you’d like to cancel your order after one hour you can contact our Customer Support team to make a cancellation request. In most cases it’s too late to cancel an order after one hour but we’ll do our best.

Can I change my order?

We cannot make changes to an order once it’s been placed.

Our Customer Support team cannot change your shipping address for you. You’ll need to cancel your order and place another order with an updated shipping address.

If you ordered the wrong item, you’ll need to cancel your order and place a new order for the correct item.

How Do I Use a Coupon?

To use your coupon, simply find the “Got a coupon code?” link at checkout. It’s below your payment info and just above the Order Summary. Click the link, paste or type in your code and hit “apply” to receive your discount.

Why can't I buy more of a specific product?

Because of our low prices, we set a maximum quantity that each customer can purchase.

This helps ensure our customers are the ones taking advantage of our great deals instead of resellers who would buy up products and resell them at higher prices on sites like eBay.

Is my credit card data secure?

Our payment processor, Stripe, has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

You can read more about Security at Stripe.


How can I get free shipping?

Join our $5.99/month Membership program and you’ll get free shipping on all your orders

When will I get my order?

You can see the estimated delivery date on your orders page.

Delivery estimates are calculated by taking the estimated shipping date and adding the transit time (the time it takes a package to travel from our facilities to your destination address). The transit time is calculated using business days, meaning Saturday and Sunday don’t count toward the transit time. Holidays are also taken into account when calculating the transit time.

What if I want my order faster?

For some products we’re able to offer expedited shipping options for a small, extra fee. Simply select the desired shipping option during checkout.

How can I track delivery of my order?

Once your order ships, you can find a tracking link on your orders page.

How will my order ship?

We ship orders using a variety of carriers including FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

Yes. We’re able to offer most (but unfortunately not all) of our deals to Alaska and Hawaii.

Please allow for a few extra weeks beyond the estimated delivery date of your order to account for extra transit time.

Do you ship to Puerto Rico, Guam, or APO/FPO/DPO addresses?

Unfortunately we cannot ship to Puerto Rico, Guam, or APO/FPO/DPO addresses.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately we cannot ship outside of the United States.

What do I do if I think my order is lost?

If it’s past the estimated delivery date found on your orders page and you don’t have your order, please reach out to our Customer Support team via the support page.

Note: If you live in an area experiencing an unexpected service delay (severe weather, natural disasters, unscheduled events, etc.), please add at least 2 to 3 business days to the estimated delivery date of your order.

Warranty and Returns

What is my warranty?

Purchases are covered either by a manufacturer’s warranty when available, or by a Mediocritee warranty, as indicated in the product specifications detail. If the item is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, please contact the manufacturer for any warranty matters. If the item is covered by a Mediocritee warranty, use our support form.

Purchases that arrive damaged, defective, or DOA may be replaced or refunded at our discretion provided you notify us within 21 calendar days of item receipt. Use our support form to obtain an RMA number for damaged, defective, or DOA items. Items returned without an RMA number will NOT be refunded or replaced.

What's your return policy?

Purchases that arrive damaged, defective, or DOA may be replaced or refunded at our discretion provided you notify us within 21 calendar days of item receipt. Use our support form to obtain an RMA number for damaged, defective, or DOA items. Items returned without an RMA number will NOT be refunded or replaced. Because our items are steeply discounted and offered in fixed quantities, for a limited time only, we DO NOT accept buyer’s remorse or change-of-mind returns. Cosmetics and beauty supplies, as well as intimate apparel are not eligible for return. We will not accept or refund items which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons.

Customer Support

How do I contact customer support?

Go to the support page and fill out the short form.

If you’re able to fill in details (like your order number) our team can help you faster.

Can I contact your Customer Support team by phone?

We don’t offer phone support.

We do have a team of customer support agents ready to help you. Please go to our support page and fill out the form. The more details you can provide the faster our team can help you out.

When should I expect to hear back about my Customer Support ticket?

When you created your Customer Support ticket the confirmation page displayed and expected response time based on the current number of support tickets we have open.

Our Customer Support team works Monday - Friday during normal business hours. We do not work Saturday or Sunday.

How do I find your reply to my support case?

If you’ve written our Customer Support team and haven’t seen a response in your email yet, you can go to your support tickets page.

If you’re having trouble with your email you’ll be able to view your support tickets and our responses there. You can even send us a reply from this page if you need to.


What emails are you going to send me?

We’ll send you email at various times, including when:

  • you place an order
  • your order has shipped
  • your order was delivered
  • our team responds to your support ticket

We can also send you email to let you know when new deals launch, to share promotions and coupons, or periodically update you with a newsletter. You can manage your email settings from the Email Subscriptions page.

How can I change my email address?

To make sure you don’t miss emails about your orders, new deal launches, or promotions and coupons you can change your email address from the Your Info page.

I can't find an email reply to my Customer Support ticket. What should I do?

If you missed an email reply to your Customer Support ticket you can always review your Support Tickets page. There you will find a full history of your Customer Support interactions.


How do I format my post?

Formatting helps add detail and clarity to your posts. The Mediocritee forums use a variant of Markdown (a plain text format based on conventions for indicating formatting) to format your posts. Our variant, called Mehdown, is an open-source project that adds several features to Markdown including automatic URL detection, automatic image detection, emoji support, and embeds for several popular sites (Twitter, YouTube, etc). Mehdown also supports most BBCode formatting syntax as well.

To format your post you can simply write it using Markdown’s easy-to-read and easy-to-write plain text format or you can use the formatting features of our Markdown editor on your desktop browser.

What are slash commands?

In Mehdown, lines that start with a slash / are commands and will behave differently from regular text. Slash commands act as shortcuts for specific actions.

You can use slash commands to post random images or videos based on keywords. You can use slash commands to roll dice or flip coins in your post. You can even use slash commands to buy things directly from the forum on The complete list of slash commands can be found at:

If you have ideas for a new slash command let us know or code it yourself and submit a pull request on GitHub:

Can I change my username in the forum?

Yes. You can change your username from the Your Info page.

What do the icons next to usernames mean?

Some users in the forum have a special icon that appears next to their username and on their user profile page. These forum badges indicate their role in the forum.

Badge Name Description
Breakfast Octopus Reserved for the Breakfast Octopus
Staff Indicates the user is a Mercatalyst employee
Artist This user is the artist of this week’s featured shirts
Former Artist This user was an artist of a previously featured shirt
Moderator Indicates the user is a moderator of the forums
VMP This user is currently a member of our VMP membership plan
Membership This user is currently a member of our membership plan

How do I change my forum settings?

You can change the look and feel of the forums, including:

  • which posts are displayed
  • whether or not you’d like to be emailed when someone mentions your username
  • if you’d like a dark or light theme
  • how you’d like to use user profiles

These settings are available on the Forum Settings page.

What are user profiles?

User profiles are pages that show a specific user’s forum activity, including:

  • topics created
  • comments added
  • likes given

You can view your user profile. In order to view other user profiles you must allow your user profile to be viewed. You can control this setting from the Forum Settings page.

What are whispers?

If you’d like to send another user a private message you can send them a “whisper”. Whispers work just like public replies except only the usernames you specify can view a whisper.

You can learn more about whispers here:


Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. If you’d like to promote products from a variety of sites (,,, to your audience you can earn up to 10% commission. You can learn more on the affiliates page.

Can I use my existing affiliate network?

If you already have an integration with one of our supported third-party affiliate networks (CJ Affiliate) you can use them to get up and running quickly, but at lower payouts (up to 5%). You can learn more on the affiliates page.

Can I earn higher payouts?

By joining direct with you earn higher payouts (up to 10% commission) by cutting out the need for traditional affiliate networks. You can learn more on the affiliates page.

Are there other benefits to joining direct with instead of using a traditional affiliate network?

By joining direct with you have access to exclusive deals that aren’t being promoted by other affiliates. You’ll also be given a dedicated account manager who can handpick deals that fit best with your audience. You can learn more on the affiliates page.