Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Mediocritee?

We’re a community and store for talking about and selling artists’ designs, usually printed on shirts.

So what’s with the Mediocritee name?

Besides the stupid pun, the idea is that the actual shirts are just the medium for the art - the design and the artist should get the focus. But really, it’s mostly about the stupid pun.

How are the shirts printed?

Screen printing! We love the bright and solid colors you get with old school screen printing. Hand mixing exactly the right colors, developing actual physical screens, and a giant robotic machine that could likely kill us all. What’s not to love?

What’s with the two designs?

Each week one artist features two of their designs on Mediocritee. Often they’ll be related art, design variants, or connected ideas. Sometimes they might just be different shirt colors. We’re trying all sorts of things.

How many can I buy?

Right now we’re limiting the purchase quantity to 8 shirts per event. If you want more, convince a friend to sign up and have them buy some.

How about shipping?

Shipping is $5 an order (meaning if you get one shirt or four shirts, you pay $5) unless you’re a member. For members, shipping is free (here, as well as at our other stores like Meh, Casemates, and MorningSave.

How much do the shirts cost?

The first shirt is $10 (plus a buck or two for the larger sizes). The second shirt you get is half off (meaning it’s just $5 for most sizes). So get both designs for $15. Or get two of the same design if you’d like. A third shirt would be $10 again, and then a fourth would be $5, if you can catch on to that pattern. BOGOHO (Buy One, Get One Half-Off) was the best acronym we could come up with, but we doubt that’s going to take the world by storm.

Sometimes we might sell other things like hoodies, tote bags, mouse pads, fanny packs, what-have-you. The pricing on those will vary, but it’ll use the same formula: the more expensive thing will be the full price, and the next most expensive thing will be half its price.

Why do the larger sizes cost more? Why don’t you have even larger/smaller/kids' sizes?

Until we start making our own shirts, we’re working with wholesalers. They charge more (and sometimes a lot more) for larger sizes, so we need to pass that on.

We’re currently offering pretty much all the adult sizes our current shirts have. We’re sometimes limited if their inventory is limited, so it may vary per design and color. The more we sell, the easier it is to start bulking up our own inventory, adding more sizes and variety, so your best bet is probably to just buy everything we sell. Or at least that’s our best bet.

What kind of shirts are you using?

We’re not locked into any specific shirt but right now we’re using Next Level shirts. You can find the sizing over here. They’re 100% combed ring-spun cotton (heather gray are 90/10 Cotton/Polyester), with side seams for a tailored fit. We recommend washing on cold, inside out, and drying on a low heat (or hang to dry). Like all cotton shirts, they’ll shrink a little, or a lot if you ignore us and wash them in hot water or dry them in high heat.

In general the sizes run a little smaller than ‘mainstream’ tees and about the same as American Apparel or other, uh, fashion shirt sizes, so if you’re unsure, go up a size (or two for women’s sizes).

When will I get the shirts I ordered?

We start printing after the event ends, and will generally ship things out within a couple days. You’ll likely get the shirt within a week or two from that. There’s an estimated delivery date at the top of our forum topics for each shirt as well as in your orders page.

Can I pay for expedited shipping?

Not right now. We’re trying to keep this simple, so we’ve just got the one shipping option.

Can I buy a shirt from a previous week?

Right now, nope. We’ve currently got no back catalog, and we’ve got no plans to build one. Once the week is gone, there’s a good chance that design won’t be back. Buy extras if you really like it.

Where do the designs come from?

Amazing artists! Over the years made friends with quite a few artists from around the web. We’d love to make friends with more. Write us if you have designs, and we can share all the artist details.