Petition to rename "Buy One Get One Half Off"


You may have noticed on the front page that you can buy one shirt at regular price, and if you add another shirt in your checkout page, you can get it for only half the regular price. In coming up with the term for this discount, it was decided that the name would be Buy One Get One Half Off, or BOGOHO. We like to say we have pretty creative approaches to ecommerce around here, and all we did was take an existing term and add two letters? This will simply not do.

My proposed name at the time was “Purchases Of Other Products Earn Rebate,” and I believe that it remains the best name for the service. It is flexible in case we decide to apply different discounts, purchase quantities, and even products, while still describing clearly what it does.

I have been told that if I get enough stars, then the name will change. So make your voice heard! Take part in democracy, the greatest action a patriotic American can do! Click the star at the top of this post and vote for POOPER!

Be sure to help the cause by creating your own pins, billboards, poster, etc. and posting them here for victory!