Next Level brand is... well, next level, but what about another option?


I love the fit and feel of the Next Level shirts. The thin, light fabric doesn’t wrinkle if it sits in a drawer for a while. They’re super soft and comfy. However, for a slightly overweight, sweaty male that spends a lot of time outside in the summer, these shirts aren’t very good. They suck up sweat better than a sponge and on a hot day, within a few minutes, I look like put on the shirt immediately after stepping out of a shower.

I know, it sounds like a personal problem. “Don’t go outside.” “Wear a different shirt.” “Antiperspirant exists, bro.” Sure, all that’s true, but I like to rep my favorite website while I am out and about and don’t think they make an antiperspirant that you can slather on like sunscreen. I can wear these shirts in the winter without a issue (although a lightweight hoodie would be perfect). Summer is becoming a challenge.

Are there any plans for a different type of shirt for summer designs? Or possibly a different type of shirt to chose from when ordering? The logistics of this might be a nightmare on the mediocritee side, but I can’t be the only one that has this issue. Anyone else have any thoughts? Or am I the only one plagued with healthy sweat glands in a hot climate?