Need Poll suggestions!


We can now schedule polls. It’s cool to do these native on our platform because that attaches your selections to your account. We can combine polls for in-depth analysis. We can start learning from each other.

Polls inherently define the audience in addition to discovering possible group wisdom. We need some polls to help define ourselves and then some polls that help share what we think.

An early poll might be:

Q: What’s your history with graphic tee shirt design:

  • You’re an artist whose been paid for a graphic tee
  • You’ve been paid for a tee design or words but you’re not much of an artist
  • You’re a fan of graphic tee artists
  • You’re a loser

Then, with some validation, subsequent polls might be broken down by their results in isolation and when combined with how they answered a previous polll.

Help me out with some poll questions in this ongoing thread. Please try to flesh out all the answers to the poll versus just throwing out “what shirt brand do you like” – but let’s give input on the good poll questions to make sure the answers are complete.