Mediocritee Updates

dave went on a bit of a rant said

tl;dr - we’ll be raising the prices to $14 (and 2 for $21) to give us some marketing and affiliate budget, to help the site grow.

Hi! By my count, we’re on week 29 here at Mediocritee, meaning we’ve featured 58 shirt designs, not counting the pre-Mediocritee tests over at Meh.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know more artists, and I think they’ve had some amazing artwork featured here over this past 6 months. I’m looking forward to expanding even more (if you’re an artist or know one, get in touch!).

I’m loving the designs, and the community has been supportive and fun, but we’re not growing like I’d hoped. It may be there’s just a lot more competition out there, or even just that there’s so many graphic tees that it’s less common to share a particular design around. While we’re doing ok, we’re not really getting the word-of-mouth marketing I’d hoped we might. And, since our artists make more when we sell more, it means we’re not able to grow that artist support as much as I’d hoped.

The problem is, we set our current prices without any room to try things out. We’ve got a few ideas - some traditional (ads, affiliate) and some a little less so (podcast partnerships? conventions?), but in order to try any of that, we’ve got to have a little extra from each shirt sale.

Anyway, I wanted to give you all a heads up, and I know price increases aren’t ever popular, but I am hopeful this will get us to selling more shirts, paying artists more, and getting more amazing artists and designs in here.