Kill the mashup.

ashermanm thought this was worth mentioning said

For the love of god, if you’re running a t-shirt site and outsourcing designs from poor freelancers, don’t make them put Pikachu in a Tardis because that’s what the public wants. Not only does it violate the intellectual property of the people creating those characters (say what you will about parody laws, it isn’t impressive that you ALSO drew someone else’s character) but it comes off as lazy and uncreative for a retailer to sell literally 0 original designs. If you’re going to do it, take a page from threadless or welovefine and actually partner with the content creators and brands.

Thank you for listening, and sorry to be a wet blanket, people who want their Minions as the kids from Stranger Things t-shirt. I aspire for better shirts, ones with illustrations that artists care about.